HOTBIN 200 Litre Compost Bin

Awarded best new product 2012, as voted by “Grow Your Own” magazine readers.

Compost kitchen peelings, all food waste and garden waste





The HotBin Compost Bin 200 Litre “hot composts” all year round to recycle your food and garden waste faster.

You can expect a rich compost every 90 days with no need to turn the waste, as the HOTBIN maximises the perfect conditions to make hot composting easy.

Bacteria decomposing the waste generates heat within the HotBin Compost Bin 200 Litre, which provides effective aeration through the bottom air inlet plate and the air outlet rotating valve. It also removes excess water through the valve as steam and allows you to control the rate of heat loss.

The HotBin can achieve hot composting between 40-60 degrees, which means it can produce a rich compost faster. As hotter temperatures can be achieved you can recycle more types of household waste including food waste and grass cuttings.

Your HotBin can be located on all even surfaces, in the sun or shade, and works all year round.