Gift ideas for the dad who loves gardening

June 6, 2023

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June, this year falling on 18th June. With the day right around the corner, now is a great time to start thinking about a gift.

Father’s Day gift ideas can be difficult to come up with, but if your dad is an avid gardener, we are here to help! Through our partner Aqualogic, we sell a range of water butts and composter bins that will make a great gift to a sustainability minded gardener.  

Water Butts collect the rainwater which falls on the roof of your home which can then be used for watering the garden or other outdoor jobs. We have a water butt to suit any size or style of garden. Our 100 Litre Slimline Water Butt is ideal for use in smaller gardens. The Garantia Antique Amphora Water Butt and Planter can hold 250 litres of rainwater and will bring a Mediterranean feel to your garden, perfect for the father that dreams of a life in the sun. The 2 in 1 Garantia Stone Water Butt and Planter harvests rainwater in style from your downpipes. The stylish wavy finish and planter top allow this water butt to not only be practical but the feature of your dad’s garden.  

Compost bins are also a fantastic way to recycle garden and food waste into high nutrient, organic compost. Everything from lawn clippings to vegetable peel can be used to create a free, sustainable compost that will benefit your dad’s garden by improving the soil structure, aeration, and biodiversity. And it couldn’t be easier, all your dad needs is a composting bin like our 300 litre Eco Master Composter, a shady spot and a bit of patience. We also sell hot composting bins that speed up the composting process.

So, this year, why not give your dad a gift that keeps on giving? You can find more water butts and composters available in or shop here. We deliver to the UK mainland and Northern Ireland. Most items are delivered within five working days, but delivery can take up to 10 working days so hurry and order now to make sure it arrives in time to celebrate Father’s Day.